IRC Collective

Browse your IRC log files online

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Need a way to view your IRC log files online and be able to search through them? Consider using IRC Collective.

If you setup your IRC client to log conversations, the parser of IRC Collective can process each log file and store them in a SQL database. With the help of the web application you can view the log files online and use the search function to quickly find what you have been looking for.


  • Supports Eggdrop and Irssi log files.
  • View log file index with links to all log files online (as endless page).
  • Nick colorizer which makes it easier to follow conversations.
  • Lines from same nick are grouped together for easier reading.
  • Quickly navigate to previous and next log files.
  • Left and right keyboard arrows are supported for navigation.
  • Also possible to swipe left and right to navigate.
  • Search through all log files with keyword(s) hilighting.
  • Timestamps in log files are linkable.


Index page screenshot index page
Log file page screenshot of log file page
Search page screenshot of search page


Please see the wiki on installation and usage instructions.